How long would you do it?

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to keep us refreshed and energetic to face life’s daily challenges.

And after a good night’s rest, what is the first thing you do when upon waking in the morning? Is it to reach over and check your phone for any new messages? Do you immediately switch on your tablet or computer and “check in” to the day’s happenings?

If so, you’re not alone. The temptation to remain connected to the constant stream of information the internet provides is more than most of us can resist. News, weather, those interesting updates on all our social media sites… all just a moment’s click away! 


It’s not easy to resist the lure of all this info after we’ve logged out for 8 hour of beauty rest, but it is a challenge we should meet. Knowing when to unplug from technology can make a huge difference in how well we connect to ourselves and others. The first 30 - 60 minutes of one’s day is a perfect example. By dedicating our first moments of the day to quiet, peaceful time, we allow ourselves to recharge our system, which in return will better enable us to meet the challenges of the day ahead. Sleep alone isn’t enough, and let’s face it, many of us aren’t getting enough proper sleep, either. Sleep allows our unconscious system to regenerate, but our consciousness needs some time as well. By reaching for our phones first thing, we overburden our consciousness, which can make us anxious, unhappy, and much less productive overall.


Think about what it will feel like to stay off your phone for 30 minutes when you wake. Does the very notion make you anxious? That’s a sign that you need to step back from constant online connection. Obviously there will be some days when deadlines approach, life happens, and so on, and you won’t have the luxury of quiet time to start your day. That’s fine. But overall, we need to ease into a more reflective, balanced and controlled management of technology in our lives. Little steps can make a world of difference. 10 minutes before reaching for the phone in the morning. Then 15. Then 20. Then 30, 45, and so on.


Imagine having the first hour of your day online connection free. A hour of peaceful reflection, an hour of taking time for you and only you. An hour for your conscious self to be alone and distraction free. Imagine how much better rested you will feel, how much more energy you will have to meet the day ahead.


Is this a challenge you can meet? Well, you won’t know until you try. And the time to start trying is now!