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My Analog Parties (vol 9): Replug Party

We are back!! And we want to make sure that you have as much fun as you always do with us! And we have new ideas and new crazy plug games. And you are going to enjoy them...A LOOOOT!!!

A little description for the new ones:

"My Analog Parties celebrates our Pre-Internet brain. For an evening you will unplug from the over-stimulation of our hyper-connected modern lives and re-plug into a simpler, more organic enviroment. Six hours: phones off, no cameras, no check-ins, no selfies, just the fun of real life social connection. Are you up for the challenge? Good vinyls spinning, old fashioned games and rewards will help you with it!!!

Feel free to join this social experiment, feel free to share it with a lot more people, feel free to get into a new kind of world in which nothing is more important than TO FEEL FREE.
Join us and spread the word!!!"

Be ready to unplug and replug!!! Be ready to be analog!!

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